Patriotic Car Rally #1.0

Patriotic Car Rally Clue Sheet #1

(Starting Point)


Established in the mid-19th century, this community didn’t become an incorporated city until 2004. Twelve years later, in 2016, it was disincorporated by a vote of the residents. This vote was overturned by the Oregon Appellate Court in 2019. So this is technically and legally an incorporated city.


In 1959 this small town was the site of one of the largest gatherings to celebrate the state of Oregon’s 100th birthday. It became a three-year celebration and in 1962 was the site of the Little World’s Fair to celebrate the Man of the Past. (It was a contrast to Seattle, the site of the actual World’s Fair, which welcomed the world to celebrate Man in Space.)



The main attraction was Oregon’s Centennial Candle. It was made of candle wax collected by children from around the state. When completed, the finished candle was an impressive 21 and 1/2 feet tall and 35 inches across. The candle was lit on June 14, 1959 and it burned at the rate of one inch every 36 hours. The candle’s flame burned for 100 days (a day for each year of Statehood). A concrete and steel replica was built in 1962 and it stands today as a monument to the original Centennial Peace Candle.

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PASSWORD: What is the numeric portion of the address of the nearby fire station?


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