Friday Update // 4.2.21

Happy Sabbath,

Here's a quick rundown on things at Hood View. 

On Wednesday we concluded our Sanctuary Improvement Project Matching Challenge. Not only did we reach our $50,000 goal. We exceeded it by more than $17,000. Between the $50,000 match and the $67,360 given from January to March, we raised over $117,000. What a blessing! God is good!

Thanks for praying and supporting this project.

Of course you can still donate by filling out a tithe envelope (available at the literature rack in the church lobby) or giving online by clicking the button below. It will take you to our Adventist Giving portal. Be sure to indicate that you're giving to the building fund.

Give Now

If you want to give a consistent amount, you can set up automatic recurring giving online or use autopay through your bank. 

Tomorrow we're holding a special brunch to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Brunch is from 9:30 to 10:45. The worship service will start at 11 am.

You're welcome to bring fruit to the brunch. Please bring it ready to serve. All other food is provided. We sent out an email with details about the brunch this week. If you missed it, it's attached to this email as a .pdf.

New Seating Arrangement
To better accommodate households of different sizes, we set up full rows of chairs in the Sanctuary. You can help us keep everyone healthy by maintaining social distance. 

Please leave three empty seats between your household and those of other households.

As always, if you're sick, please stay home. Masks are required for all attendees five years and older.

All attendees are encouraged to use masks rather than face shields unless they have a condition that necessitates a face shield. Those on the platform may also use face shields while on the platform. Thanks for your cooperation with this.

The worship service will be available on Facebook and YouTube at 11 am.


You can access the most recent bulletin here:



Work Bee
No work bee scheduled for this week.

Giving (As of March 31)
Building Funds
Beginning Balance: $130,626.49
Transfer of Retained Earnings: $79,123.51

October: $18,637.17
November: $24,715.47
December: $13,371.54
January: $54,575.86 (We had a $40K donation for the sound system! Amazing! Please note, that donation will not count toward our $50,000 giving challenge.)
February: $12,771.26
March: $40,013.00
Matching Funds: $50,000.00

Total Building Funds: $423,834.30

Other Funds Available
Depreciation Reserves: $17,929.49

Total Funds Available: $441,763.79
Our Goal: $817,000
Remaining to Raise: $375,236.21

Because of our brunch, there are no Sabbath School Classes tomorrow except for the adult Zoom class. 

Meeting ID: 779 604 601
password: sabbath20 

Grace and Peace to You,

Brian Simmons
Hood View Seventh-day Adventist Church

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10


Brunch Information


This Sabbath we will be having a special Sabbath Brunch. All are invited to attend. The meal is being organized by the Social Committee. We are adapting to new health guidelines, so below is a description of the plan. This is new for most of us, so thank you in advance for your patience.


What will our Brunch look like? 

The hot breakfast food will be provided. If you would like to bring something, please bring fruit ready to serve.

Brunch will begin at 9:30 am and continue until 10:30 am, followed by church service at 11:00 am.  There will not be any in-person Sabbath School classes this week. We are planning to have an adult sabbath school on Zoom.

We are only to have 6 people per table. 

Come through line when you arrive then find a table. Thank you for respecting the personal space of others and please wear your mask when you are not eating or drinking.

Please hold your plate for the servers. You will not be touching the serving spoons or food. 

Please use a clean plate if you go back for seconds.

There will be water and cups at your table and you may serve yourself. 

After you eat place your paper plates and napkins in the trash containers and silverware in the container provided.