Organ Repair Survey


The Church Board intends to replace our organ with an electronic keyboard capable of producing organ music. Before proceeding, we want to hear from you. Please read the explanation below and then click the button to respond.


For many years the organ has not functioned correctly. It has failing circuit boards that need rebuilding.

We recently removed the organ from the sanctuary so that it is safe during our renovations. We also removed the wiring running from the organ to the organ speakers. This was necessary because the wiring went through the soffit that we eliminated. Now is an opportune moment to decide how we want to proceed.


1. Repair the Current Organ

Estimated Cost: $50,000-$80,000 

Bob Schoberth spoke with the individual who serviced our organ in the past. Estimates to repair it are $50,000-$80,000.

To use the organ in the future requires:

  • Repairing the organ. 
  • Rerouting new wiring from the organ to the speakers. 

2. Replace the Organ with an Electronic Keyboard

Estimated Cost: Under $10,000

We can replace the organ with a new electronic keyboard which is capable of producing organ music.

The advantages:

  1. A keyboard will integrate seamlessly with our new sound system.
  2. A keyboard will produce a better sound quality than our organ.
  3. More people can play the keyboard than can play the organ.
  4. The estimated cost is substantially lower. 


In light of the above, the board sees wisdom in purchasing a keyboard to replace the organ. However, we recognize that the organ may carry significant value to some. In light of this, will you please indicate your feelings by voting?


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You can view the survey results here.